About Us:

In response to the tremendous need for employers to locate, hire, and attain qualified workers, our CEO and Founder, Michael Haynie partnered with daughter, HR maven Myra Haynie, to create Staffing Solutions by Global. As a result of the successes of MCHT and Global Training Centers LLC there was an inundated request from employers for assistance with their hiring requirements.

In 2012, Mr. Haynie founded the Maryland Center for Hospitality Training (MCHT), which prepares Marylanders with customer service, safety, soft skills, and technical training for a successful transition into the workplace. In 2020, in conjunction with DuPont Sustainable Solutions, he added a Covid-19 protocol training, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultation, and training to assist clients in reopening and operating their businesses in a safe environment. The Maryland Center for Hospitality Training is one of the leading workforce and Covid-19 training providers in the region.

Staffing Solutions by Global is a subsidiary of Global Training Centers LLC, a Florida-based company devoted to training initiatives and workforce development serving all industries. Global Training Centers LLC has subsidiaries in Maryland, North Carolina, and has officially opened offices in Nairobi, Kenya, July of 2020.


Our Mission:

To assist our clients in the hiring of highly skilled candidates, with the aim to create long lasting employee and employer relationships and maintain retention.

Our Vision:

To expand the talent pool of qualified personnel amongst reputable businesses in the hospitality and healthcare industries. We ensure that our candidates are thoroughly screened, tested, and ready to put their knowledge to work.

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